My Reality

If its true that we make our own reality, then what I’m creating right now is quite curious.

I’ve put myself into a sort of training mode. What I mean by that is about a year ago I did an inventory of my strengths and weaknesses, noting each for what it is and trying to remain neutral and objective. I’m naturally good at a few things that are easy breezy that go onto my strengths list. I feel good, strong, brave, fearless and joyful. They take me to my happy place where time disappears and goodness surrounds me.

Now on the flip-side is a rather daunting list of weaknesses, or at least perceived weaknesses. I chose to put the spotlight on a select few this year as a way to face them and work my way through them to see what is on the other side of this awareness for the purpose of personal growth.

Lisa McIntyre | Living Small & Being Whole | All Rights Reserved

There are weaknesses that when faced, offer positive growth. For example, the perseverance of completing my book and persevering through the development of my local coffeehouse locator app. Both of these projects have been with me for 5 years and should have been off my plate two years ago. They are now on track to be launched this year. Another good challenge for me is creating deeper relationships with old and new friends. The presentation of this goal brought priceless rewards and I am grateful.

Two other great investments of my time and energy have been joining Toastmasters and taking Latin dance classes. The Toastmasters organization is teaching me to capitalize on my strengths when public speaking. I’ll use this when speaking about my book and app, teaching classes, and giving interviews. The Latin dances I’m learning are Salsa and Bachata and bring me SO much joy!! Cha cha cha.

I’ve also discovered is that putting the spotlight on other weaknesses bring feelings of inadequacy that lead to days of frustration. These traits are inherent to my personality and amplifying them becomes painful as they go against my personal grain, so to speak. The lesson for me is to focus on that which I can change and improve on those that bring me joy.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Here’s to embracing wisdom as I create my reality.