Living Large. I mean REALLY BIG!!

Learning new things is a great way to keep life exciting! It pulls us out of our everyday routine and injects energy instantly. It also keeps us engaged in the world with a constant flow of curiosity and intrigue.

At this very moment I’m learning several new things. I just wish I had more time in the day to get to all of them, but that’s okay … there is always tomorrow! One thing I know for sure is work gets in the way! So make sure you love what you do for a living. If you don’t love what you do, find a way out but maintain a healthy balance so you keep your attitude up as you find a way to transition into making each day gorgeous.

Living Small & Being Whole | Lisa McIntyre

Here’s what I’m learning now:

  • Chess – I play a couple times a week on my iPhone. There are lessons about strategy and I play against a computer. I look forward to playing it with humans someday 🙂
  • Fly Fishing – I’ve been so intimidated by this sport. I was raised trout fishing, but not like this! This is about entomology, gear (I don’t care what they tell you, this is expensive!), reading the stream … a great way to get out in nature and truly relax. I can spend hours fishing a stream.
  • Running a mile – I ran a full mile without stopping (yay!), but I want to make it a weekly habit at least 3x a week. It makes me feel SO good! It only takes 15 minutes total, so why do I fight it so?

Living Small & Being Whole | Lisa McIntyre

  • Bachata & Salsa – Holy moly do I LOVE to dance But I despise dancing where I get picked up by men in the nightclubs where most of the dancing takes place. Sometimes they are like vultures just circling above waiting for a chance to “kill”. Haha.  All I want to do is DANCE!!!!  I think I found a place where I can dance every Sunday night for a few hours with a great group of people that can dance at all levels of a variety of Latin dances.
  • API, HTML, CSS, JS – Software coding: this is NOT where I want to spend my time, but I need to in order to get the app where it needs to be as we can’t seem to find a developer worth a damn. I’m teaching myself with YouTube videos and asking a mentor questions.
  • Options – Yes, the stock market. Yes, its a lot of work. Yes, the market can be volatile (especially options), but it is a several month class and I have a great study buddy! I’ll get it sooner or later. In the meantime I’m trading paper (pretend money).

What are you learning right now? Find something that you’ve always wanted to do and DO IT!

Keep it real and keep SMILING!!!