How does a gypsy stay in one spot?

There is a learning curve here!

And for clarification, I am defining gypsy as: a free spirit, someone with a wanderlust.

Lisa McIntyre | Living Small & Being Whole | All Rights Reserved

I’m back in Denver for a “few”. This may a few years, maybe a few months … we’ll see. After five years of traveling about from here to there “just because” I’ve decided to try my hand at nurturing relationships. It will be taking myself back to the place where I’m not comfortable as I have perceived it as stagnancy, an iron curtain, a ball and chain, hell.

Notice I said “perceived”. Now I understand that I am in charge of my feelings, by destiny, my dreams through my ability to choose, my free will, like most all humans have.

Here’s the kicker … we FORGET we are in charge of ourselves. That awareness of being able to choose can take years, especially for my generation. However, I’m tossing the victim role out!

What can I gain from sitting still for awhile? My intention is to nurture friendships, learn a bit about “discipline” and its benefits.

I’ve been “back” in my Denver home since mid December. Status thus far: I am over-committing. HAHA!!  I just want to do it all, and I can, but not all at the same time. There’s one lesson!

Time to learn the art of saying “no” to myself.

This is how you get a gypsy to stay in one spot … allow it to be a time of discovery!

Ciao, Lisa