The Calamity of an Evening Coffee

Drinking coffee all day, every day makes for a perfect day! … but could make for a very long, sleepless night.


The taste of coffee after dinner is nice on the palette and comforting to the soul. It is especially good while I peruse the always-1-day-late-but-I-love-it-anyway USA Today before bed each night. That said, I’ve recently had trouble falling asleep after I turn off the lights for bed. I have been just lying there staring at nothing and thinking about everything. I now understand what it’s like to be an insomniac.

This is terrible news! I’m officially old. A sad day in Lisaland (Lisaland is where I live: my wonderful, rose-colored world view).

Caffeine is starting to affect my sleep patterns. I now need to know if decaf is what they say it is. When I was a waitress, the other servers and I frequently discussed it and often wondered if it was all a big marketing scam. Now it’s time to test it.

For the past week I have sipped on a decaf brew just before bed and I’m pleased to share that it works. Thank you decaf technology wizards!

Now if I can just convince the specialty coffee roasters to provide us with more options 🙂

Cheers! Lisa