Mr. Green Beans, DIY Coffee Roasting and more, Portland OR

Keep Portland Weird!

The culture in this city offers something fun and different around every corner! It could be a roadway intersection artfully painted with mandalas, a crew of bicyclists peddling through a neighborhood all decked out in costume laughing and singing OR … it could be a gathering of passionate lovers working WITH each other for mutual success.

Mr. Green Beans

Mr. Green Beans | Retail in the Front, Roasting in the Back.

Kevin has created a space to support those who wish to explore the entire gamut of what it takes to make a good cup of coffee. This includes teaching people how to roast the green beans direct from origin (available for purchase in his shop). There are many different methods from the very simple roasting from an air-pop popcorn popper or a stove-top skillet to a larger industrial size machine he makes available in the back room for folks to use. He provides classes and advise on roasting … just give him a call!

Mr. Green Beans

Mr. Green Beans himself bringing in bags of green coffee beans.

Mr. Greenbeans, DIY Coffee Roasting and more
3908 N. Mississippi Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97227
T: 503.288.8698