SPIN Laundry Lounge, Mississippi District, Portland OR

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SPIN Laundry Lounge Coffee & Cafe

Oh happy day!!

Have you done laundry at a laundry mat? Trust me …. the experience can be horrifying! One time I was doing the weekly duty and stepped in doggy doodoo ~ IN the facility !It can feel a bit degrading as a guest. Not anymore!

Enter: SPIN in Portland, OR 

SPIN Laundry Lounge

SPIN Laundry Lounge Cup! They also have their own Permanent Press Blend Coffee Roast!


It’s sustainable – She took an old building in a trendy neighborhood and designed it to use less energy then chose the most energy-efficient washers and dryers on the market.

It’s local – She is from the area herself AND the serve locally sourced, fresh food in the cafe.

It’s personal – She hand-selected her roasted beans; called the “Permanent Press Blend”. It was decided upon at a private cupping with her roaster, friends and family.

It’s inviting – They offer a crispy clean environment, specialty coffee, free wi-fi, a video arcade, and space to relax.

Result – A unique experience that removes the gloomy job of doing laundry and makes is a joyful occasion to be celebrated! … They are open late for busy people!

Morgan Gary, owner, developed her 300 page business plan as part of her MBA. She tenaciously pursued the dream that is now part of her being. The shop is exceeding their estimated numbers in their first 4 months.

That makes for a very happy day indeed,


Spin Laundry Lounge ~ #eatdrinklaundry
750 N. Fremont Street
Portland, OR 97227
Web: www.spinlaundrylounge.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/spinlaundry
Twitter: twitter.com/spinlaundry