Lisa’s Great American Roadtrip: Denver to Portland

To sum it all up: Perfect!

Lisa McIntyre's Road Trip

My route.

I left Denver in mid-September with my kitty, my Jeep and my vintage trailer. The idea was to go anywhere that sounded great and to chase the sun. After traveling through the Rocky Mountains from Colorado, through the Tetons, Yellowstone and the beauty of western Montana I chose to cross the plains of Washington on highway 2 then up and over the Cascades and down to Portland, OR. Not much sun, but think I’ll stay here a while.

I remain UBER passionate about helping people step out of their stuckness even if it’s just a taste of the other side to start. I desire to spark the intrigue about the possibility of what exists “out there”. I want to inspire people to move out of their immediate life and comfort zones into the beauty that awaits just beyond that edge … Go for it! Wheee!

We need not live in fear. It’s all hogwash! The reality is that people are amazing EVERYWHERE and to SEE Mt. Rushmore (for example) with your own eyes is very different from reading about it, even with photos and videos.

Yes … people are different in different parts of our country. The city folk have a different way of spending an evening than country folk. Southerners eat differently than Midwesterners. The east coast is more densely populated than the west coast and the industry in the plains is different from that in the Rocky Mountains. Thank goodness! Cultural, archaeological and geographical differences = new adventure!

I discovered something I didn’t expect while traveling alone: that I almost always find my “tribe”. Meaning I find the people who I would hang out with in Denver but they have a different name and a different face. It usually happens when I go to eat at a local coffeehouse or to grab a beer at a pub. Makes me giggle sometimes to think that I’ve driven 700 miles just to find “Terry” again.

One of my favorite days since I left Denver was on Christmas Day 2013 in Portland, OR. I had spent Thanksgiving with my family and had just returned from a trip to Vancouver Island. I received a good amount of phone calls and cards so I wasn’t feeling sad or lonely, just looking for a special way to spend the day. I decided to drive around downtown to check out the cool buildings with no traffic to push me around. It was fun finding my way without using GPS and watching people walk around with smiles and Santa hats. THEN I found an open pub!

Yay me! Christmas is an interesting day to sit at in a pub because folks can be emotional, even grumpy during the holidays. My experiences included a series of conversations with warm people who wanted to be heard. It was magical! I stayed for 4 hours, laughed and cried, and met people from all over the country and all nationalities. Makes me wonder if because I’m a “gypsy” people feel more free to share their heart as they don’t think I’ll judge them. Hmm, who knows. I do know that it was an evening full of love and compassion and I felt connected to the entire universe.

My personal experience has been this: once I so much as thought about taking the step toward the unknown the path began to unfold. At EVERY turn was a new friend, a spot to park, a cup of coffee ~ a virtual safety net was there for me. This can be your experience, too.

You’ve just got to believe.

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And … stop listening to the news. How does it truly serve you anyway? You can get the weather on your phone along with sports updates, business, politics, etc. I have friends and family that turn this shit on the moment they wake up in the morning then fill their heads again right before bed. What would happen if you listened to music instead?

I frequently don’t know the latest tragedy or crisis. I may not know who won “America’s Got Talent” or that the city workers took an extra 4 minutes for lunch every Friday. I feel better without all the drama and the media is close by if I ever want it. Instead, I live. I saw a bald eagle fly over my head while driving to the beach in BC. In Montana I walked across a swinging bridge built by Native Americans near a gigantic waterfall with no one else around and I make organic granola from scratch in my little house while sipping on cheap wine and dancing around the kitchen in my socks.

My daily routine looks something like this … wake up when I wake up, make and drink coffee, check my emails, work for a few hours, write a bit, walk a bit, stoke the fire and shower. Then I visit a local café for their darkest stout, read a book, and then go to bed. All of my days are similar yet different ~ just like yours. The exception is that I choose how I spend 80% of my day every day.

I’m happy. Very happy.

I am empowered to be me and go with the flow of life with a smile on my face.