Getting my home in order: Meet Randy!

A large waredrobe

Randy the Wardrobe, aka “The Big Unit”

Planning for an extended road trip takes some organization and planning.  Even as free-spirited as I am, I have discovered from past experience that it’s got to be done right in order to avoid stress-free traveling.

As a happy minimalist I rent a studio apartment in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, CO.   It is all I need to have a home base where I can live and keep my stuff.

I have leased my space for 1/2 price to a trustworthy soul.  In doing so, I needed to make space for her to live here in comfort so moved my clothes out of the closet into … “The Big Unit”, or Randy.  LOL.  Randy Johnson was a pitcher in the major leagues for many years.  He is tall and intimidating.  I’m not sure of the history on his nickname, but they call him the “The Big Unit”.  It is also quite appropriate for my Craigslist wardrobe purchase ~ dubbed by my son and his friend as we loaded it on top of my Jeep. This thing is made by a craftsman in the 1960’s and is big, durable and HEAVY!  

I also needed to donate some of my unused clothes to charity leaving a great selection of diverse, travel-friendly options.  

Lovin’ it!  Lisa