Freedom! Lisa’s Version

My calling is to see America and the World as it is; for the complexities and for everything simple.  It will be a photo journal of my experiences on the road ~ what I see, who I meet, where I end up and how I make it all happen on a shoestring budget.  

I live minimally & simply by design, not by default.  Follow this journey with me :)…  be part of my daily travels.  Get a feel for what it would be like to cave into your wanderlust, just for fun.

I travel solo, stopping at random cities and towns that come across my path.  I choose some destinations but not my path.  I enjoy see in communities through their local, independent coffeehouses and other “third places” including parks, pubs, and cafes.  

Coffeehouses, the path of the bean from crop to cup, the culture, the community … this is my passion.  I will share a perspective of people and places that may inspire you to do visit them here, there and everywhere.  The people who decide to open a coffeehouse each have a story about why and how they did it, and if they’d ever do it again.  LOL.

This dream includes a website that lists local, independent coffeehouses where everyone can search exclusively for non-chain cafes to support local economies and have a unique experience.  It is my vision to list them all so we can get to know them, visit them and bring the owners together.  More on this as it evolves ♥  Being an entrepreneur has its challenges, yeah?

I’ll be heading out of Denver for my next big adventure in just two months.  Via slow roads and byways with my 1999 Jeep and my 1972 vintage trailer, I’ll be heading to the Pacific Northwest, down the coast of California to Puerta Penasca, across the  Southwest as far as Austin, TX then back to my hometown of Denver, Colorado.

Come along with me!  

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