Allie’s Philosophy Espresso, Lincoln City, OR

I’m not on the road right now, just home in Denver enjoying the hourly weather changes hoping it’s nice & sunny when I go to the Colorado Rockies v. Arizona Diamondbacks day game on Wednesday.

Alice's Philosophy Espresso, Lincoln City, OR

Alice’s Philosophy Espresso, Lincoln City, OR

However, I have friends that are travelling and will occasionally send me a photo of a coffeehouse they meet.  Each one is special and expresses a bit of the owner’s personality.  This one is from Doug.  He goes to the Oregon Coast once a year to breath in some of the best air on the planet (lucky man).

I visited their Facebook page and discovered the owner is 24 year-old  Allie.  She opened the doors in 2011 and loves philosophy so much that she “created an espresso business to implement a main marketing concept of developing exciting and interactive philosophical thought and conversation.”

Thanks for being uniquely you, Allie!!  My next journey on Highway 101 will include a stophere.

Allie’s Philosophy Espresso
5998 SE Highway 101
Lincoln City, OR 97367
(541) 994-0002
Allie’sPhilosphy Espresso Facebook Page

Peace, Lisa