:( 16th Street Mall, Denver CO


This is why it is important to support local business.

When people travel to Denver they are often drawn to stroll along our 16th Street Mall where there is always something happening. Due to its popularity, the cost to lease a storefront for a business increases. Sometimes (usually) pricing the mom-and-pop shops out of the market for such a high-traffic location and providing fertile ground for a publicly traded corporation to plant a well-researched, specially-incubated seed.

Mind you, I understand the economics of it all and am not criticizing it (at for least today… that’s a discussion for another post). But I encourage people to look beyond convenience and seek out a local experience. About 3 blocks from my current location are about half a dozen options 🙂

That is where thelocalcoffeehouse.com comes in …. Our geo-locator will populate your coffee search with grand, local flavor alternatives!

Support local economies… Help them thrive by visiting them often.

Go Broncos! Lisa