My Dutch Oven Coffee Bean Roasting

I actually won 2nd Place in a Sisters on the Fly Dutch Oven Cook-off!

I think it was only for originality and effort … the coffee tasted like doodoo 😉

“How long am I supposed to stir? My knees are killing me!” ~Lisa

This was SO much fun!  I like trying new things and when given a challenge like a dutch oven cook-off … bring it on!  Since I love coffee and coffeehouses I had to give it a go.

I found the directions on the web … sounds easy enough and it would only take 20 minutes.  Perfect!  There was a smoke warning and suggested being in a well-ventilated area.  I guess camping with 100 women (Sisters on the Fly) in Steamboat Springs, Colorado was the right environment.  

A couple of my Sisters assisted as I prepped and carefully stirred.  First issue … what is “medium heat” on a bed of charcoal?  None of us really knew, so we chose 12 briquettes and started stirring.

We never did see any smoke (second issue) after stirring for over an hour.  Those damn coals had become a pile of grey ash and all the other chefs had finished their delectable dishes.

The finished product looked like a cross between orange tea and Tang.  Did I actually DRINK it?  Yes …  I took a sip or two and couldn’t convince one more person to try it.  Hahaha!  I just might need to improve upon my recipe 🙂