A new coffee friend in Jason at Crow Bar Coffeehouse & Roaster in Castle Rock, Colorado


Jason Gray is sorta like an icon in Castle Rock and I got to meet him!!

Now … that’s just based on me hanging out at his coffeehouse for a couple of hours drinking his personally roasted espresso and watching him greet his customers.  He only roasts and serves the best coffee.  There is a genuine sense of pride in his work that emanates from his being.  

He has been in the coffee industry for about 30 year and got his start at Starbucks in Seattle in the 80’s.  “They had 25 stores back then”, he said.  Then he traveled north to Alaska and spent many years with Kaladi Brothers beginnings and trained under Mark Overly now of Kaladi Brothers Colorado.  In addition, he spent tons of time and gained the respect of the recently passed, coffee great, Michael Sivetz.

Jason opened Crowfoot Valley Coffee and Crow Bar Coffeehouse in 1999 and is ridiculously happy creating a place for people to come together and to serve them his finest roasted beans. 

Gotta check out his shop, now serving a rotating selection of high-end craft beers:
Crowfoot Valley Coffee
734 Wilcox Street #102
Castle Rock, CO 80109
(303) 814-0999