How big are you, Boyer’s Coffee of Denver, Colorado?

Now, I don’t normally seek out larger roasters (or chain coffeehouses).  They usually don’t intrigue me in the slightest.  Blah blah … all the same.

And as a lover of coffee and community, I support the local independent mom and pop shops and micro roasters where ever I happen to be.  Well …. this Boyer’s Coffee has a coffeehouse attached to their facility!  And it’s one of a kind.



A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation from the Mile High Business Alliance to attend a networking meeting at Boyer’s Coffee.  I thought they were BIG?  Like REALLY BIG … national supplier of coffee.

Our tour guide, Luke.

Not that big is bad, but usually equates to more profit and we have been taught that profit is good.  But I feel something gets lost in translation as a company grows.  The goal of profit can become an excuse and justify decisions that may be bad for workers or the environment in the name of stakeholder benefit.

Boyer’s Coffee roasts its beans and distributes only in Colorado. Yes, they have large grocer clients, but they maintain a very small company feel, and I like that!  The are housed in an old school where they have re-purposed the building, the bleachers, desks and other items that reduced their carbon footprint and honors the building’s past.

The networking group decided we would like a tour of the facility while we were there.  It was a last minute request that they were pleased to do.  Boyer’s found Luke Williams, Director of Marketing and Fundraising to show us around.  How beautiful is that?

Thanks, Luke and crew!


Boyer’s Coffee
7295 Washington St
Denver, CO 80229