Strip show aerialist makes owning coffeehouse her second act … Vegas-style!

Holley Steeley is a dancer AND a coffeehouse owner!  What a great life 🙂

Article By Sonya Padgett
Posted: Apr. 29, 2012 | 2:03 a.m.
Updated: Apr. 29, 2012 | 9:50 a.m.

….. Running a cafe isn’t known to be a stress-free endeavor. And the 17-hour days Steeley’s putting in right now seem far from relaxing. But she knew what she was getting into. Before finalizing her business plans, Steeley worked at a local coffee chain for 18 months. She made $8 an hour but learned some business lessons that were nearly invaluable. She learned how to open and close a store, how to balance the books, make a schedule and brew coffee.

“The worst thing is to open a coffee shop and realize you hate it,” she says.

Steeley wanted to be different from other coffee shops so she researched, traveled and visited a lot of coffee shops.

First, a coffee shop had to have good coffee. She found that the best coffee was made the old-fashioned way, with just hot water poured over a filter full of coffee grounds. In only two minutes, a fresh cup is ready to go.

All of her favorite cafes along the coast of California use this method, called a brew bar. In addition to good coffee, Steeley realized a cafe has to have a warm and inviting atmosphere.

So for Holley’s Cuppa, she set about creating a fun vibe. Cafe tables, chairs and leather couches provide abundant seating. A stack of well-used board games sits on a coffee table while books and art fill the empty spaces. Thursdays are open mic night and once a month, a book club holds meetings in the coffee shop. Steeley plans to start hosting a game night, although impromptu Twister competitions already take place.