Beans & Sweets Coffee Stop and Bakery in Las Vegas NM (#Coffeehouse)

Char was our barista.  She works for her sister at Beans & Sweets in downtown Las Vegas, NM about 4 miles off I-25.

You can see she enjoys her work, but her passion lies in the sweets.  She bakes all of the goodies in the window right there on site.  We found ourselves buying one scrumptious goody after another.  First a peanut butter cookie, then a baby loaf of banana bread landed in my bag, and can you believe we also bought a brownie and a chocolate covered peanut butter ball. I can’t remember what she called it, but it was ALL to-die-for!!

They  just repainted this little spot and had to shut it down for several days, but after being part of the community for so many years it didn’t effect business one iota.