How do you really feel about the K-Cup? One man’s opinion … :)

 Guns and Butter, and Coffee

 By Bill Gaul, Thursday at 10:20 pm

 “Coffee is for closers,” a line deftly delivered by Alec Baldwin’s ruthless character in Glengarry Glen     Ross to an impish Jack Lemmon.

This much I know:  The coffee Blake (Baldwin’s character) is referring to comes from a glass pot with a brown rim, and the coffee sits in the pot an average of an hour before someone drinks it.   In Blake’s day coffee was poured into cones placed in plastic frames.  The poor saps peddling real estate knew better than to expect gourmet anything.

Certainly not a single serve, freshly made cup from a Keurig coffee maker.

Among my basic truths are the following:  1) Baseball should be played during the day; 2) Self cleaning ovens are a scam and; 3) Office coffee should be accessible yet mediocre.

With the end of the short dress sleeve, cigar chomping whiskey era of the 1950s, bad coffee is the only indulgence left; the last bastion of office manhood.

Keurig is out to change things.  The devil works in mysterious ways.