USA #Coffeehouses alive and well in the Midwest!

Let’s gather ’round in a virtual coffeehouse and collaborate!  I want to bring the local coffeehouses together on the website I’m building right now.  Much more to come …

I just ran around the midwest and found some great spots to enjoy a nicely brewed cuppa!  My stops mostly included places I stumbled on … love the randomness of where the universe sends me.  I will share a few here with y’all.

Espresso Yourself is on the town square in Winterset, IA.  Kathy has a group of folks gather every morning at 7AM.  The conversations vary, but the faces stay the same … discussions range from local gossip to national politics!  They were featured in the Washington Post during the last election.

Pelo’s Coffee House on the Mississippi River in Le Claire, IA has been in the family for nearly 4 generations.  Craig enjoys creating a space that supports local business and the community. He personally greeted every guest and filled their cups.  He helped build the local library … books are important to him and he want them accessible to everyone.  He made me laugh as he toured me around the store on the gorgeous autumn Saturday morning.

Pella, IA has a Tulip Festival every year.  Smokey Row is in an old building a block from a huge running windmill.  Aaron, the manager is STOKED about coffee and community ~ shares my passion, for sure.  Smokey Row has 4 locations in Iowa with a roastery in Pleasantville.  They sell their beans in several Hy-Vee grocers, too.

Kirby’s reminds me of my Grandma Filer’s Bakery that used to be in Glendale, AZ when I was growing up.  It had the smell of bread and sugar mixed in with the coffee.  This is the best place in town to get coffee … so it counts to me!  Kathy was so happy that I want to get people like her together.

Let’s make this collaboration work so we can support local coffeehouse businesses.  I’ll need help, so spread the word.