Gypsy Daisy … my caravan home


Here we are stripping off the old paint

I bought this little gem a couple of years ago for $400.  I named her “Gypsy Daisy” and promptly took her to a lot until this summer.  She would never have left my side, but when planning my 2009 Peace Love and Coffee Tour my SUV was unable to tow her and was forced to buy a 22′ RV.

We embraced the shift in transportation, but I’m happy to say that I took her home early this summer in preparation for my next road trip.  I first started with updating safety features like tires, safety chains and lights, then moved to survival basics like staying dry, warm and fed.  Third step is finding her inner beauty and letting her shine!


Ta da!

Thank goodness I am a member of Sisters on the Fly!  These women love to fly fish, have new adventures and own vintage caravans, too!

Gypsy Daisy will be my home for the next few weeks as I tour the USA and its flavor of local coffeehouses!