Parallel 15 Coffeehouse | Aspen, Colorado

I’m here in Aspen, Colorado at Parallel 15 Coffeehouse.  Keith, the GM, captures the essence of the passion that lies in those who choose to venture into the ownership role of a community gathering space.

When he graduated from college 20 years ago he planned to become an English Professor.  But his favorite professor encouraged him to follow his dream to own a coffeehouse.  His path was forever altered and eventually brought him to Aspen where he offers Allegro coffee, a warm community gathering space and personal, one on one love for his customers.

The business sits in a  corner building at garden level in downtown Aspen where an old herculean, southwestern print sofa fills the space.  He uses organic and local products as much as possible, hangs art from local artists, and offers board games for his guests.

He would love to have better visibility and is looking for other revenue streams to make the coffeehouse more sustainable.  He is happy here and is also looking for other ways to express his creative side.

Let’s embrace the local guys!  MUAH to Keith and his dream!