The flavors of cupping from a rookie

So … I love coffeehouses and I love drinking coffee, but a connoisseur I am not.  How does one describe a cup of coffee?  I think it takes time … like scotch or wine or CHOCOLATE!

Today Herb, Jake & Matt were our professional coffee-heads.  There were 6 of us  enjoying the experience and  ALL of us were rookie cuppers.  We asked so many questions like ~ “what percentage of beans are peaberries and do they taste different than the usual bean?”  🙂  As if …

Ahh … they were patient with us.  Thank goodness they are new at offering this event and have not heard questions like ours 40,000 times yet.

Jake of Novo sharing his knowledge with us.

We heard words like washed, origin, baggy, citrusy, earthy, honey, crust, chocolate, berry … and aerating your palate.  In other words we were to quickly slurp the coffee from a spoon so it  splashed around in our mouths to get the full flavor.  I only choked once 🙂 gotta practice the technique more.

Thanks for offering this service in Denver!  If you are ever in Denver and want to check it out go to NOVO Coffee ( for more information.

Peace, Lisa

Me and Herb. Peace.